2020: Will It Snow In Nigeria?


This is the big question! The multimillion dollar question right there. Well, with everything that’s been happening around the world this year. I surmise we might get also a gigantic surprise from the big giant of Africa.

What are my proves? Exempting prophecies from various men of God. You won’t deny the fact that myself, yourself and some other selves have desired to see something new. Something breathtaking, relaxing and entertaining (Of course that doesn’t include guns ). And snow might just serve as that thing.

What if God deserves to give us that creamy ice this year? I know what you’re thinking. We barely survived harmattan, can we pull through? Of course we can. I’ll advice you get ready to kit up like this young man below.

Think about how the news will shake the world. It sure will. And aso Rock might become a prison to our president for he dislikes cold. I’m sad about our reporters though. I wonder if they will give eye pleasing headlines. Don’t want to see things like “God finally coughs ice out of heaven” or “Strange ice blocks rain from heaven”. I hope for the better.

So, just sit back, get your sweaters and wait for the snow.


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