24hrs, Ty Dolla $ign & Dom Kennedy Drop Strip Club Anthem “Back Out”

Back Out

24hrs teams up with his homies for a summertime banger “Back Out”.

After taking one look at the explicit cover art for this new song, you should already have an idea what it’s going to be about. 24hrs doesn’t tend to mix up his lyrical flavour often. When you hear a track from the artist, you can always anticipate hearing something about jewellery, women, designer clothes, cars, and similar topics. That doesn’t change in “Back Out” but he does it in a way that makes you want to keep listening. 24hrs has been hit-or-miss for the last year but this is arguably one of his best songs in recent memory, bringing along his frequent collaborators Ty Dolla $ign and Dom Kennedy for “Back Out.”

The cover artwork features a woman bent over in a bikini, dripping wet after presumably just getting out of the pool. From the colours, you already know that Twenty & Co. are going for summer vibes here. While this song will definitely pop in the strip club, it will also be a nice addition to the summer playlist when you’re driving down the freeway with the windows down.

This isn’t the first time 24hrs has worked with this crew. In fact, you can almost depend on him linking up with Ty Dolla and Dom anytime a project is on the way. This song is officially out in select international markets, impacting the world at midnight tonight. What do you think of their new banger?

Quotable Lyrics:

Strip club night, pull them racks out
If you a bad little bitch, poke the back out


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