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50 Cent Trolled By Jake Gyllenhaal For Constantly Flexing Luxury Whips

50 Cent and Jake Gyllenhaal
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50 Cent spent the day stunting his collection of cars so Jake Gyllenhaal showed him his new whip.

50 Cent‘s Instagram page is pretty much used for three things: trolling, flexing, and promoting. If you check out the rapper’s page right now, the majority of the posts from the past day are of his vehicles. The rapper flexed his Ferrari, which he’s apparently not a fan of, his Lamborghini, which he’s a big fan of, and his gold Rolls Royce. However, his Southpaw co-star wanted to let Fif know that he’s not the only one out here with luxurious whips in the garage.

Jake Gyllenhaal took some time out of his day to troll 50 Cent on Instagram. The actor shared a video of himself gawking over a car before revealing that it’s actually a child’s whip. “Get in my car, @50cent,” he wrote on Instagram.

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Get in my car, @50cent

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“Look at the rims of this car, oh my god,” he said. “50, look at the car, look at it,” he added. “It doesn’t have a side mirror, it’s sick. That’s the new style.”

50 Cent replied to Gyllenhaal, first by sharing a screenshot of the rims with the caption, “My man just got some new wheels, these are way better than Forgiato’s get your weight up BIG BOY TOY’s.”

He then reposted Gyllenhaal’s video, writing, “My man @jakegyllenhaal just got this new Red thing we are not playing out here. This is serious business.”

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