#Bbnaija 2019: Is Khafi And Gedoni’s Relationship One Sided?


Khafi and Gedoni’s relationship has been one that has raised a lot of speculations. The general belief is that Khafi is a sweet girl while Gedoni is just taking advantage of her feelings for him.

Others have said that Khafi is simply the one forcing the relationship on Gedoni. The two had been brought together when they were both put up for eviction. Even though Khafi had told Avala a day before that she liked Gedoni, the eviction scare brought the two into the convenient space for a relationship.

A week before Gedoni’s ex,KimOprah left the house, the two had started some sort of relationship so it was a surprise to housemates and the audience when Gedoni started crying over the eviction of his ex.

This should have served as a red flag to Khafi. Because even after the display, Gedoni had failed to speak to Khafi for almost two days. Khafi later went to him to confront him about the situation,which led to tears and then makeup. After this, Khafi could be seen with Gedoni almost every second in the house.

Now it seems like Gedoni is stuck because according to some, he hadn’t expected Khafi to take them so seriously. They said he can’t leave Khafi now because he doesn’t want to break her heart.

What do you think about this situation?


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