Bobrisky Finally Reveals Boyfriend And His Luxurious Bentley Car


The undisputed truth still remains that, Bobrisky is a guy. No matter how much makeup he puts on his face, the amount of bras he has and the padding that goes into it, it doesn’t change the fact that he is who he is. However, being the effeminate human that he is, he likes and thrives on controversies. In fact, I think he feeds off the attention he gets from social media; it’s like an opium, a drug that keeps him high.

A week rarely goes without you hearing him do or say something crazy and ridiculous that will make the blogs. Like the post he just made. He took to his Instagram page to show off his man as well as his expensive and luxurious Bentley car with a caption also thanking him for his support.

As you can see from the photo above, only a tiny fraction of the face is visible but I am sure you’re curious about the identity of the said boyfriend funding the life of the popular male barbie. I am also sure that social media detectives are working tirelessly to find his profile from the little clue seen so far.


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