Check Out The Shade Post That Mompha Made About Hushpuppi 3 Years Ago That Holds Much More Meaning Today


Social media personality and billionaire, Ismaila Mustapha popularly known as Mompha said something back then to Hushpuppi three years ago during the height of their rival misunderstanding,which has became so important today especially on the part of Hushpuppi following his misfortune.

Before going to what Mompha said which contain the main point of this story, have you ever wondered or considered why no friends or family of the beleaguered internet fraudster, Hushpuppi have still not reacted or defended him since his arrest?

This is what Mompha said, three years ago, while he ridiculed Hushpuppi.

Mompha clearly suggested that Hushpuppi is rich while, the father is still a taxi driver whilst and his mother sells bread. Perhaps he has a point there, because he was neglected in cell and that could explain why no one is fighting his battle for him.

What Mompha’s posted all those years ago now makes much sense. What do you think about this post?


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