The 6 Keys To A Successful Customer Service Strategy

The 6 Keys To A Successful Customer Service Strategy

Successful Customer Service Strategy!

Put the customer at the center of your business activity? It sounds simple, but it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. For years, organizations have developed a corporate culture and set priorities that are hard to shake. Often, the customer first policy means relegating the shareholders or employees to the background. So, how to operate such a transformation? Here are six strategies for customer service that will help you in your task:

1 – Demonstrate that the customer is important

Many of your colleagues (or even your own bosses) will tell you that the customer is the most important thing, but two seconds later they will make decisions that will ignore them. To truly change a company’s culture and The most important decisions that you must take to change your company’s culture, is to demonstrate the entire organization (without exception) that the customer is the reason to be of all business activity.

The arguments that speak for themselves are the numbers: it is the customers who pay the salaries of all the employees, distribute the bonuses at the end of the year and serve the interests of the shareholders. Good customer service has a direct influence on the sales of the entire company. The organization is nothing without its most valuable asset: the customers. Repeat this to your heart’s content (for example, start each meeting by talking about a particular client) and show numbers that support your speech.

2 – Establish fast and caring customer service processes

For years, many companies have been busy creating barriers and bureaucratic processes that currently govern their customer service. Therefore, if you want users to be the real drivers of your business, you will have to destroy all these barriers to make the communication as fluid as possible. Make sure that the customer service is fast (no one should wait more than 30 seconds on the phone), provide several types of media (phone, instant messaging, email, physical presence …) and establish quick processes for the return products or complaints, questions or complaints from customers.

3 – Hire professionals who care about the customer

If you want customers to be at the center of your business, do not forget when you hire staff. Select people with customer service experience (even if they will never work directly with them), use them to explain company values ​​and look for candidates with empathy kind and good communicators. If you want to create the best customer service, start by hiring the best.

4 – Grant powers to your employees

Employees must have the freedom and empowerment to make quick decisions for the benefit of the customer. On many occasions, employees who are in contact with the public are required to consult their superiors or ask for permission to approve returns: for John Tschohl, this is one of the major bottlenecks in customer service . Employees must be able to make decisions very quickly, in situ, always, for the benefit of customers.

5 – Use new technologies

Although personal contact is always important, when you have hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers, you need to invest in technology. But it must be a technology specifically created to improve the customer experience: a 24-hour instant messaging service, automatic options to return a product with a single click, online warranty services, free home delivery … The goal, once again, is to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service (and become fans of your brand).

6 – Measure, measure again, measure always

If you want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your customer service, you have no alternative but to measure, measure and measure. This exercise will help you realize the importance of users and their significant impact on your organization. To do this, analyze basic indicators such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), use the mystery shopping technique and measure the number of complaints, the average waiting time, the number of interactions needed to resolve a problem, as well as all key performance indicators. This will serve not only to improve the user experience, but also to educate all staff on the need to worship the customer. Nowadays there are a number of customer service training and customer service courses were available online.

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