‘Fire Your Makeup Artist Dear’ – Fans React To Tacha’s New Photos On IG


Fans have recently reacted to the new photos of the ex bbnaija housemate,Anita Natacha Akide who is popularly known as Tacha.

The celebrity posted some beautiful pictures of herself flaunting her beauty on her official Instagram page few hours ago. The pictures gained the attention of many Instagram users who reacted by liking and commenting on the post.

See the pictures below.

Looking at the pictures, you will notice that the celebrity looks very pretty as she flaunts her beautifully styled gown. She is also wearing a nice makeup with a beautiful hairstyle.

Many Instagram users liked and commented on the post. Most of them said that Tacha looks so beautiful, that she looks elegant, some said they love her outfit.Most people who commented praised the celebrity.There were lots of mouthwatering comment on the post.

But as we all know, not everyone will like you, or like how you do your things.There must be someone who will always find fault in whatever you do.In the case of Tacha, this person is “Stay.en”(his Instagram username).He told Tacha to fire the person that did her makeup.In order words,he’s trying to say that Tacha’s makeup is not good,meaning it does not fit her.

He commented,

Baby who did your makeup? Please fire that person”.

I think that was the comment with the highest replies on Tacha’s picture. Some people who replied him supported what he said while some were against him as you can see above.

What’s your say on this, is Tacha’s makeup bad?

Should she fire her makeup artist?

Comment your opinions below.



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