Jorja Smith Says She Didn’t Need Drake To Be Successful

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Jorja Smith addresses claims that Drake put her on.

Many people became familiar with Jorja Smith after she appeared on Drake‘s More Life playlist. Drake obviously has mad love for the U.K. and More Life was filled with features from U.K. artists. However, many believe that Drake put her on. It’s understandable why people think that, but it’s simply not true. Jorja’s been on her own grind for a minute now, selling out tours in America before collaborating with Drake. In a recent interview, Jorja Smith discussed why she doesn’t like people claiming that Drake was the person who helped her blow up.

Jorja Smith is a star in her own right and it’s something she feels that people need to understand. In a recent interview with Evening Standard, Smith clarified that Drake didn’t put her on in any way.

“I did two tours in America before I was on More Life, and they were sold out. I didn’t need him. I’ve already got fans over there,” she said.

Smith also addressed the allegations that she and the Canadian rapper are romantically linked.

“The annoying thing is that people want to talk more about Drake than me,” she said. “It’s always the same: how did you meet him? How did you write? Was it cool working with him? I know that’s how it is, for any small artist who works with a bigger artist. You’re associated with them, because that’s how people find out about you, like clickbait.”


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