Just For Laughs: Jumping Into Conclusion


The following dialogue takes place in a classroom. 


Teacher: make sure you do your classwork quiet without making a noise.

Clinton: [stares at Samson and shakes head in disappointment].

Samson: [Busy photocopying written answers from his laps, back of exercise book into his test exercise book ].

Clinton: Samson! That is malpractice, stop it. You want to pass me by cheating?

Samson: mind your business, you he goat!

Teacher: [Turns around and faces the students].

Clinton: Excuse me, ma!

Samson: [Interrupts].. Ma, I’m cheating, I know it’s wrong. Punish me already. I’m copying answers from my laps and from the back of my exercise book.

Teacher: Pheew! That’d be 0 for you. Go and kneel down at the front of the class.

Samson: ☹[Frowns bitterly ]

Teacher: Clinton, you wanted to say something?

Clinton: Ma, may I please use the restroom?

Teacher: yes! You may.

Moral Lesson: never jump into conclusions. Your assumption might just lead to your disaster.

Always discern situations before making a final judgment.



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