#JusticeForUwa: Uwa’s Mother Speaks On The Death Of Her Daughter


Mrs Joy Omozuwa, a 49years old mother of five has disclosed how hard and terrible it has been for her family since the death of her daughter Uwa.

She wore a mourning look while speaking with some journalists.

She said its still like a dream to her as she is finding it hard to believe that her daughter is gone forever.

However, Uwa was said to be the second daughter of the five children of Mrs Omozuwa and was very calm and humble.

Mrs Omozuwa disclosed that since Uwa grew up, her hobby has always been studying and reading different books, and she enjoys going to read at the church at least for the past 5 years since she was in secondary school, because it’s usually calm and there is light there most times. She resumed going to the church to read as soon as she returned from school as a result of the lockdown.

The grieving mother said she was with Uwa on Friday before she left to read at the chapel as usual. She usually return by 2pm if she’s hungry and sometimes by 5pm.

But that fateful day, I had a visitor and while we were talking, I tried calling Uwa at about 5pm to know why she hasn’t returned yet but her number wasn’t reachable. After some time I saw my visitor off, When I got back to the house,i has 3 missed call from a friend in Church.

I immediately called her back and she told me that Uwa has been rushed to the hospital… I dressed up and rushed out to the hospital, I gave Uwa’s father the information immediately..

When I got to the hospital, I couldn’t believe what I saw, my daughter’s body was covered in blood and injuries…The white shirt she wore now turned red with blood stains, her eyes were seriously swollen, she was bleeding from nose and ear, there was a big scar on her head… I couldn’t believe my eyes. My friend later told me that it was confirmed that she was raped and her head was smashed with the fire extinguisher in the church, at this point, I asked who I offended?… Why would someone do all these to my peaceful and calm daughter. Why would my daughter go through such agony?…

My husband came in later and said that the spot the incident took place looked like a place where cow was slaughtered as the whole place was filled with blood.

She was later transferred to University of Benin Teaching Hospital where the Medical workers tried so hard to revive her but unfortunately, she gave up on Saturday.

It’s still had for me to believe that my daughter is gone forever…

While she was alive, she was very peaceful, calm, intelligent, hard working and very determined…

She always took the lead in her academics…Never made trouble with anyone….

May her soul rest in peace!


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