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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Season Premiere Recap

Love & Hip Hop
Stevie J & Faith Evans: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, Mimi & Karlie: Prince Williams/Getty Images for PUMA

With the return of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” last night, we’re kicking off weekly recaps of all the drama on the VH1 show.

Ladies and Gentlemen: secure your wigs, hold onto your edges and get your popcorn buttered; yesterday marked the official return of the hit reality TV series, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Our beloved and entertaining cast returns to stir the pot, or in the words of Miss K. Michelle “shake the table.” We’ll be ruminating on everything that happens each episode with our weekly recaps detailing the biggest storylines and most captivating plots. Keep it locked every Tuesday morning for a new recap.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Love & Hip Hop

Stevie J and Faith Evans at the Soul Train Awards – Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET


Stevie J returns as a series regular with a fresh new outlook on life. Following a hectic season seven with co-stars and former Danger-Zone artists Erica Mena and Estelita, the producer is now determined to turn over a new leaf and implement a drama-free lifestyle. Unfortunately, Stevie’s track record shows his inability to steer clear of the commotion. As such, he reveals the true motives behind his return to Atlanta—Stevie got hitched (for real, this time)! The father of six announced his recent marriage to his “best friend,” R&B soulstress and former wife to the late Notorious B.I.G: Faith Evans.

The lovebirds broke down the news of their marriage to Stevie’s daughter Eva over rice, shrimp, and broccoli. Though the latter may have prompted a positive response from the child, Stevie J’s old flame and baby mama’s Mimi did not share the same feels. A preview of the season already reveals the very drama the newly-wedded producer was attempting to avoid.


Spice’s introduction to the world of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was unique. The Jamaican-born rapper experienced several transitioning difficulties mainly due to cultural differences. In season seven, animosity peaked between her and cast member Tokyo Vanity over fat-shaming comments. The two patched things up at the reunion however and showed a sustained bond through this season premiere. Though Spice began her cameo with a fire performance, things quickly came crashing down following offshore comments from an artist development producer Jevon Dewand. Their interaction left Spice feeling insecure about her looks, which according to Dewand, were in dire need of change in order to appeal to the American market. Though Spice felt it was more than that and redirected Dewand’s comments to her insecurities surrounding her darker skin tone. The rapper thus chose to address colorism in the music industry and specifically, the black community in her own, unconventional way. Spice went ahead and white-faced herself as an outcry (or maybe outroar?) and not everybody took the news lightly, specifically Rasheed and Mimi who reacted explosively to Spice’s new idea.


Hide your kids! Hide your wives! The first episode already places our series-regular Mimi on a warpath. A sketchy 9-1-1 phone call reveals the poor mother was shot at in her garage following a failed home invasion. Fortunately, the shot missed, and Mimi as well as her daughter, Eva were safe. Though where the gun blazes, smoke remains. Upon learning of Stevie’s recent marriage and Eva meeting his new wife through the mouth of her own daughter, Mimi’s ball of fury was certain to unravel. And indeed, it did, following an altercation with Jamaican diva Spice over her new awareness campaign surrounding the devastating psychological effects of colorism in the black community. Though drama follows where Mimi goes, we can say she’s here for all the smoke.


Mama Dee’s arrival into scene showed our favorite grandma twerking for the ‘Gram on her birthday. Though the Prince, Scrappy, did not come out of the kingdom this time around, Mama Dee revealed his wife Bambi was ready to deliver. Unfortunately, friction was reported on the western front with Bambi’s mother, Cece, who’s been staying with them until the delivery. And as such, we can expect things to go down– Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s A1 and Lyrica have shown us exactly what happens when the mama’s don’t like each other.


Karlie Redd is also back with exciting news. It seems the Trinidadian hip-hop artist who once “popped them tags” now got somebody to pop the question. And no, it is not Young Joc or Sean Garrett, but a mystery man by the name of Maurice “Mo” Fayne. Though, is that enough to assume Karlie will be way too busy planning her own wedding to play investigator and/or meddle in the business of others? Only time will tell.


Things are looking up for Scrapp Deleon who was finally released from jail and transitioned into a half-way house. The rapper rose to fame in season five due to his arrest as well as his tumultuous relationship with co-star Tommie Lee. Despite Deleon leaving jail, it is revealed his former flame Tommie is facing serious criminal charges which may keep her behind bars for a long time.

Deleon’s return was slowed due to the courts requiring a relative with no criminal record to bail him out, something the TV personality thought he couldn’t offer. That was until his mother Karen King revealed the existence of a half-sister with no previous criminal record. Though grateful for his surprise relative Cheyenne, Scrapp remained suspicious of their link. When placed in the hot seat, KK revealed the shocking news that Scrapp’s father is not only alive and kickin’, but Cheyenne is also the product of his affair. Talk about messy! Welcome home, Scrapp!


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