Man Accuses BurnaBoy Of Doing This With His Ex


A Twitter user has exposed Burna Boy For Sleeping With His Ex-Girlfriend.

A lady on Twitter named Chukwudera, asked Burna Boy if he has ever used his fame to get anything for free.

In her question she said “Ever used your fame to get something for free?” Then Burna Boy replied her saying “I believe that free things always come back to bite you in the ass. So i don’t like free stuff”.

Little did Burna boy know that there was another Twitter user who knew him from somewhere a very long time ago and exposed Burna Boy because according to the guy,burnaboy slept with the girl the guy was dating at the time.

The Twitter user whose girlfriend was slept with,named Jazakillah Khairan,said Burna boy has slept with his girlfriend a long time ago in 2013. In his post he said “Cute because you didn’t say no when my ex offered you her pum for free at star view hotel in 2013. June 13th, 2013. The North Remembers.”

Burna boy has now been exposed for doing this with another person’s girlfriend.

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