Man Who Told His Wife That He Can’t Come Home Cause Of Coronavirus,Found Dead At His Girlfriends’ House


Mr. Joseph Aku has died in his girlfriends’ house at Lugbe area of Abuja, WAR has learned.

Aku died on Sunday morning while having sex with his girlfriend Rita.

Aku was said to have told his wife, Mrs. Favour Aku, that he can not travel back to Kaduna to meet his family because there is restriction order and no commercial vehicle to convey him.

Aku who was a civil engineer and has four children was said to be planning marriage with Rita before his death occurred.

Rita who lives around Aco estate Lugbe, raised alarm when Aku stopped breathing while he collapsed during intercourse.

Rita, has disappeared from her house, while her neighbours have since reported the incident to the police.

Miss Ita, while confirming the incident said, the deceased wife’s telephone number was gotten after two men in their compound searched his telephone and found the number saved with the name, my wife.


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