Mercy Johnson Reveals Her Plan On Having Six Children For Her Husband


Mercy Johnson Okojie who is heavily pregnant has revealed why she is cutting back on her plan to have more children.

The popular Nollywood actress who planned to have 6 children has now revealed why she is stopping at four.

The mother of 3 who is eagerly awaiting the birth of her 4th child admitted in a recent chat that she loves children because she enjoys playing with them.

In her defense of her 4th pregnancy which critics are calling her out for, the actress said;
“I’m obsessed with children while growing up I always had dreams of having four so we have to complete the equation so we can play football correctly with 3 boys and 3 girls.”

The Nollywood diva had initially come under fire over the circumstances surrounding her controversial marriage to a father of two who dumped his wife and children in Toronto, Canada to marry her years ago.

That happens to be the only issue many have with the talented actress.
Some are of the opinion that she planned to use plenty kids to tie down her husband.


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