Nigerian Model Drags Beyoncé For Allegedly Taking Advantage Of Nigeria And Africa At Large


A young Nigerian model took her time to point out ways Beyoncé is taking advantage of Nigeria.

Her post made it look like this was an opinion many Nigerian fan had in mind but don’t know how to air it.

Some of the few point she made about Beyoncé includes the fact that Beyoncé uses African culture in her song but never include Africa in her tours.

‘Africa is their selling point when they make the money the forget Africa.

Africa is not a zoo that you stand afar off and point.

We also do the things you all do there, we wake up like you do and roll in bed then switch to social media for morning updates just like you do. We don’t necessarily wake up rub white powder on our faces and shout wakanda then go hunt for lions.

If you want to represent us please do it to the full not this one’.

See the post below;



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