Reno Dishes Out Free Advice To Parents Who Want Their Children To Be Successful


Reno Omokri has decided to remember parents this morning. He is a man that speaks virtually on every issue you can think about, be it politics, marriage, parenting or relationship. He could be regarded as a wise man because God really blessed him with so wisdom.

On a tweet he made this morning, he listed two things parents should not help their children to do of which will affect their success in life, if parents kept doing it for them.

The first among them is making their bed when the wake up from sleep. Reno asks parents to allow their children to make their bed by themselves, that it will help to put their mindset in order for them to achieve great things.

The second one is to allow the children to wash their plates. Reno made it clear that every parent should allow their children to wash their plates themselves, by allowing them do that, it will teach them how to clean up their own mess.

Reno made this disclosure on a tweet he made on his verified twitter handle this morning. The full tweet could be seen below.

He also made a post on Instagram concerning the issue but this time around he increased the count to ‘4 small things that will affect your children’s success in life’. See post below;

Reno is a man respected by many due to the way he speaks. He is a politician, a renowned writer and a motivational speaker. He is a man that has touched and changed many lives positively with his words and actions.

He was the former presidential spokesperson. He is as well a strong critic of this present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari. He has on several occasions criticized President Buhari and his APC led government.


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