Tacha Launches Her Initiative, PEG (Pad For Every Girl)


Yesterday,BBN reality star announced her initiative, PEG ( pad for every girl), An initiative aimed at giving out free pads to the girl child.

Tacha announced the successful initiative on her official Twitter page, this comes right after she announced the launching of her reality show :”KEEPING UP WITH TACHA”.

The “pad for every girl initiative” has so far been commended and Tacha has been praised for her philanthropical works. The act has risen so many controversial comment.

Tacha’s initiative has been singled out to be one of the major initiative of 2020, as we can all recall there was a peaceful protest for the girl child in 2018 to receive free pads, but Tacha is bringing it to reality.

Definitely this move by Tacha will propel others to see the good in philanthropical activities and also the need to give the girl child a free pad.



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