Takeoff Denies Gucci Mane’s Claim About Migos Rocking Fake Chains


‘Migos Rocking Fake Chains’

Guwop posted the video for Migos‘ 2013 track “Holmes,” which he assisted alongside Young Scooter. The rapper captioned the clip with an anecdote about meeting the ATL trio before they hit it big. Gucci claimed he had given Takeoff and Quavo the chains off his neck after realizing their jewellery was fake. He also said Offset had called him from jail seeking money for his release.

“@quavohuncho @yrntakeoff both threw away the fake chains they had on cuz I gave them them both the 2chains off my neck,” he wrote, before sharing a story about Migos’ third member. “[That] same day @offsetyrn called from jail and told me send racks to his lawyer to get him out and I did that the same day off our first conversation.”

Takeoff quickly denied Gucci’s claims in the comment section, writing: “Das Cap U Kno Dat… But I’m So Blessed We Gon Leave It @ Dat… Thank You.”

Gucci insisted he was telling the truth: “Boi U Cap You ain’t forgot 💰.”

Migos Rocking Fake Chains



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